Can we achieve 100% equality in outer space?

Equalaccessto spaceneeds equal access to decision makingabout the future use of space,the laws to governand jobs to be created.

The first rule of Space Law is that everyone must benefit equally from Space. But, 95% of countries do not have independent access to space. Greater representation is needed to ensure that all countries, whether they have space capabilities or not, and all communities get their voice heard. We believe that if we act now, at the beginning, then we can design out inequality from the space sector instead of having to go back later and fix it.

The Space Knowledge Summit is an annual astrosociology event. We share bold ideas in space law, social impact and finance. Our aim is to eradicate inequality in space. We connect young adults, policy makers and industry to help shape the future of space. To widen participation in space and remove economic barriers, the summit is held entirely online, free to attend and free to exhibit.

Space Knowledge Summit is proud to be part of World Space Week (

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Join us for the world's biggest* discussion on the future of space, jobs and society.

*Or smallest, depending on how many people turn up :)

What if the decisions made today create inequality for future generations – the jobs they can apply for and the world they will live in? We believe thinking about the future today can help design out inequality. To celebrate this idea, our theme for the first Space Knowledge Summit is ‘A Design for Life: Worldbuilding & Equality in Outer Space‘.

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Track 1

Access to Space for All

Do our current systems make space equality impossible?

Track 2

The Value of Creative Industries in the Space Economy

Does exclusion from creative arts limit access to future space jobs?

Track 3

Worldbuilding and Money

Can we design a fair, equal and peaceful new world?

Guest Speaker

Promote the Culture of Peace

How Hiroshima creates an environment that enables the culture of peace to take root in civil society and normalizes non-violence.

Exclusive Report

Global Space Poverty Index 2023

Explores the distribution of privilege, power and profit from outer space activity and what this means for policy makers and future jobs.

Video replay 2023

Space & Entrepreneurship

The theme for World Space Week 2023, ‘Space and Entrepreneurship’, recognizes the growing significance of the commercial space industry in space, and the increasing opportunities for space entrepreneurship and new benefits of space developed by space entrepreneurs.

Space Knowledge Summit is proud to be part of World Space Week 2023. World Space Week is an annual international celebration of the contributions of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition. It was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999.

Join thousands of participants in over 90 countries celebrating World Space Week in 2023.

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