What to Expect

Share & Connect

The Space Knowledge Summit is made up of two parts: main stage discussions and individual booths in the virtual expo. There is also the opportunity to connect and join ‘speed networking’ sessions.

Virtual Stage

We discuss fresh ideas in space law, social impact and finance. Our mission is to normalise the sharing of knowledge to increase capacity building, widen participation and ensure equal access to space for all.

Virtual Expo

‘Share what you know’, is the heart of the Space Knowledge Summit. Each year we hope to share at least 1,000 case studies and videos to accelerate capacity building in emerging and non-space faring nations.

Space Knowledge Summit 2023

A Design for Life: Worldbuilding & Equality in Outer Space
5 October 2023 | 10.00am - 12.00pm BST | Online

Intro & Welcome

10.00am - 10.05am

Promoting the Culture of Peace

How Hiroshima creates an environment that enables the culture of peace to take root in civil society and normalizes non-violence.

10.05am - 10.25am

New Report: Global Space Poverty Index 2023

Helen Rankin, Executive Director, International Space City

Explores the distribution of privilege, power and profit from outer space activity and what this means for policy makers and future jobs.

10.25am - 10.35am

Special Screening: Space Queens

Written and directed by Adam Smith

The women behind the first men. Space Queens takes an in depth look at the women behind Apollo 11 and the next generation inspired by the historical, monumental event, to pursue careers in aerospace. Looking back at the last 50 years and forward at NASA’s return to the moon, the first manned mission to mars in 2020.

10.40am - 11.00am

Track 1: Access to Space for All

Roundtable discussion

Do our current systems make space equality impossible?

11.00am - 11.55am

Closing Remarks

11.55am - 12.00pm

Virtual Expo

Mingle with brands, space agencies and other creative thinkers from wherever you are in the world. Chat live with exhibitors, watch pre-recorded and live case study videos and let people get to know you.

10.00am - 12.00pm

Speed Networking

Get randomly matched with likeminded people from anywhere in the world.

Sessions throughout the day