Join us for the world's biggest* discussion on the future of space, jobs and society.

*Or smallest, depending on how many people show up :)

What if the decisions made today create inequality for future generations – the jobs they can apply for and the world they will live in? We believe thinking about the future today can help design out inequality. To celebrate this idea, our theme for the first Space Knowledge Summit is ‘A Design for Life: Worldbuilding & Equality in Outer Space‘.

The Space Knowledge Summit is an annual astrosociology event. We share bold ideas in space law, social impact and finance. Our aim is to eradicate inequality in space. We connect young adults, policy makers and industry to help shape the future of space. To widen participation in space and remove economic barriers, the summit is held entirely online, free to attend and free to exhibit.

Space Knowledge Summit is proud to be part of World Space Week (

I'm not a 'sciencey' person, can I come too?

ABSOLUTELY! There's more to space than rockets & astronauts. As the space sector evolves we need people, especially the non-sciencey ones, to help shape its future and ensure it's built sustainable from the start.

100% online.

100% free.


We believe that more voices about the future use of space create a greater opportunity to shape a fair, equal and peaceful future. The summit has been created to bring those voices together, wherever you are in the world. That's why the summit will always be 100% online, 100% free to attend and 100% free to exhibit.

The summit is an open event – we bring together non-space people and space people to share ideas and help shape the future of space. #BEBOLD

We’ve invited just about everyone we know to come together and kick-start the conversation about space equality, future jobs and creating a culture of peace. This is a great opportunity for space agencies and traditional space companies to connect with other industries and cross-pollinate ideas and thinking to help shape the future of space. While we can’t guarantee who will attend the first ever Space Knowledge Summit, we have invited 150+ developed and emerging national space agencies, 300+ private space companies and over 10,000 creative thinkers, sociologists, lawyers and students.