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‘Share what you know’, is the heart of the Space Knowledge Summit. Each year we hope to share at least 1,000 case studies and videos to accelerate capacity building in emerging and non-space faring nations. To remove economic barriers, widen participation and increase capability building it will always be free to attend and free to exhibit at the summit.

Expo & Sponsorship Packages

Your sponsorship helps keep registration free for all, fund future policy research and support the idea of normalising knowledge sharing. We couldn’t do this without your support. Whatever story you have to share, small or big, grab your free virtual expo booth and start ‘sharing what you know’. Together we can create a fair and equal space sector.


Share Case Studies
FREEunlimited sponsors
  • Mini Branded Virtual Expo Booth
  • Unlimited Live Video
  • Unlimited Recorded Videos
  • Unlimited Case Study Downloads


Showcase Products & Services
£50unlimited sponsors
  • 1 Spacehacker Scholarships
  • Medium Branded Virtual Expo Booth
  • Unlimited Live & Recorded Videos
  • Unlimited Case Study Downloads


Lead Change
£50,000max 1 sponsor
  • Exclusive Event Naming Rights
  • 100 Spacehacker Scholarships
  • Large Branded Virtual Expo Booth
  • Unlimited Live & Recorded Videos

Exclusive Naming Rights

Show your leadership status with exclusive naming rights styled as 'Space Knowledge Summit presented by Your Brand Name'.

Spacehacker Scholarship

Sponsor a Spacehacker and help launch 1 million women space entrepreneurs in space law, social impact and finance.

Branded Expo Booth

Inspire and be inspired with your own branded virtual expo booth, attend live or run recorded videos and slideshows.

Live Video

Share your story live and chat with your audience to have that IRL experience anywhere in the world.

Recorded Videos

When you need to be in two places at the same time, switch to recorded videos of your case studies and products.

Case Study Downloads

Share your learnings and experience to help capability building and widen participation in space.