More Voices

More voices also means new voices.

If you’re a new or aspiring speaker, this is your chance to raise your profile and gain experience with an encouraging and supportive audience. Check out the speaker info below and review the schedule. When you’re ready, send us an email with an outline of your idea to: bebold[at]

I'd like to be a speaker

What we're looking for

I’m not all sciencey and stuff, can I still speak?

Absolutely! We’re looking to widen participation in space – which means encouraging all the ‘non-sciencey’ people like you to get involved. Here’s a few examples of people we’d like to hear from: Creative Thinkers, Artists, Urban Planners, Sociologist, Game Makers, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs, Environmentalists, Crypto Current Specialist, Academics, Worldbuilders…

What can I talk about?

The founding principle of outer space law is that everyone is entitled to equal access to the benefits of space. But, 95% of countries do not have independent access to space and so not everyone as equal opportunities to access these benefits. We’re looking for new thinking, big ideas and creative minds to share what you know and help shape the future of space.

I’m new to speaking.

Great!!! The Space Knowledge Summit is perfect if you’re new to conference speaking and want to gain experience in a supportive environment.

Can I be on a panel or is it a standalone presentation?

You can present, join a group discussion or maybe share a recorded video. However you choose to get involved, we hope you do.

Is this a paid speaking gig?

We do not pay speakers. We appreciate that asking you to speak for free is a bit cheeky. But, this allows us to keep the event free for all to attend and exhibit. Our goal is to widen participation and removing economic barriers helps us achieve this goal.

How do I register to be a speaker?

Send us an email with an outline of your talk/idea/discussion bebold[at]

Is there another way I can get involved?

Absolutely! Sign-up for a free virtual expo booth.